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Yekabdi Agro processing is established as a private local manufacturing company in Ethiopia by its mother company Tenkir Bekele Plastic shoes manufacturing PLC in in the year 2013 GC with the paid up capital of 130 million birr. The company entered in the country’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry through manufacturing and supplying of “WOW” natural purified bottled water.


Wow water is extracted from the Guragie chained mountain which is found 175 KM south of Addis Ababa in the Southern Ethiopia national and nationalities region, Cheha Wereda, at Adoche and Atulche kebele. Where there are natural green mountains with no contamination which gives the water clarity and cleanliness and reach mineral contents from the nature.


We used state of the art machineries with production capacity of 12,000 bottles per hour. These fully automatic technologically advanced machineries enable the purifying and packing process is 100% free of human contact. This gives our customer and consumers a confidence that Wow water is pure, clean and contamination free.


Currently the company is producing “WOW” natural purified water with 4 sizes; 2000ml, 1500ml, 1000ml and 500ml. The products are being distributed to many parts of the country with different sales agents or distributers and we are working hard to make the products available all over the country.


As the demand opportunity for the brand is highly positive, it is planned to expand the production capacity to 24,000 bottles per hour.In addition to this, the company aspires to produce CSD and packed juices in the near future and contributes to the betterment of the country’s economy.


The company has a vision to fulfill the customers demand and become the chosen best bottled water supplier in the country with the manufacturing and supplying of clean, mineral reach and quenching natural water from the chained mountain of Gurage Zone.


Currently we are distributing the brand to the market via two different methods. Those are
1. Direct distribution: We have 6 Branded vans that distributes the water directly to customers in Addis Ababa and Wolkite
2. Indirect Distribution: we have involved 34 distribution agents that get in to distribution agreement with our company to supply the water to their specific distribution territories.

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Filip building 3rd floor

Jemo, on the way from Michael church to jemo 1 condo

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

+2519 67 43 16 35
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