One Cent from One Bottle

November 25th, 2017

On September 16,2017 the Company hosted an event to give back to the community

Besides the satisfaction you get from drinking WOW natural purified water our company ,Yekabdi Agro Processing PLC, has laid a strategy in fulfilling its social responsibility with a moto of "one cent from one bottle" to support the elderly and orphan children.

Inline with this vision On September 16,2017 our company hosted an event to give back to the community. In the process, 30 elderly people who has no one to take care of and 30 orphan kids who has lost their parents were supported in the presence of government officials, Gurage Zone State Administrator and other business partners.

This support is more than just giving money to the community, it is a continuous process of working together to improve the livelihood of the disadvantaged. It is certain that the company will extend its support by hosting similar events in the future.

“We Rise By Lifting Others” — Robert Ingersoll